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MyMedia Full Face white Inkjet Printable CD-R 52x 700MB is well known high quality CMC Magnetics codec dye made by Verbatim Corp.

Wide white printable ( check printable area size below ) allows you to design and print on it's printable surface. Highly recommended by us.

Please check your drive compatibility before buying this  product.




  • Maximum  storage capacity 700MB
  • Maximum  burn  Speed  52x
  • CMC Mag dye
  • Printable media for use with special inkjet   printers
  • High quality inkjet printable surface
  • Printable area  23mm - 118.5mm
  • Disc surface is quick drying
  • Wide compatibility with burners and software
  • Shrink wrap in pack of 50
  • Silver reflective layer for superior performance

Quality control data

Table – Defective Rates for optical media using Aluminium or Silver Reflective Layers

Aluminium Silver Aluminium Silver
Burning Failure Rate (Drive < 1 year) >13% 0% >10% 0%
(Drive > 1 year) >25% 0% >15% 0%
Error Rate CDR: C1<220 All out of spec. Within book specification All out of spec. Within book specification
DVD: PIsum8<280
Reliability Test (80oC/80RH%) – 100 hours (*Simulated for 1 year longevity) Shelf Failed Pass Failed Pass
Archive Failed Pass Failed Pass

Source: CMC Quality Comparison Test 

The material that is used for the reflective layer of a blank CD or DVD is a critical factor in the failure rate of the disc. The layer reflects the laser beam back to the laser photosensor in the laser head, so if this reflection is not precise and consistent, the disc will incur errors when writing to it or reading data from it.

The reflective layer is most commonly made from aluminium or silver.  Discs with aluminium reflective layers are generally cheaper, while silver layers offer superior reflectivity which can provide improvements in read and writing performance.  What needs to be understood is the significance of these performance improvements, and whether it justifies the price difference?  



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50 Mymedia Printable Blank CD-R 52x CD Discs 700MB 80 minutes by Verbatim Corp

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